Quinoa Arabic Herbs Puff (4 Pack)

Rs. 236.00

Key Features:

  • Not fried, baked, puffs made with 100% naturally occurring ingredients.
  • Melts in your baby's mouth instantly.
  • Easily sticks to little fingers.
  • Made from 100% sustainably sourced ancient Indian superfoods.
  • 100% vegetarian product with no added preservatives.
  • Grandma inspired recipes, simple, healthy with minimal processing
  • No refined flour.

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  • Benefits

    1. Packed with nutrients, your baby needs to thrive.
    2. Quinoa contains fair amount of iron and proteins.
    3. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for heart health.
    4. Quinoa is an excellent replacement for rice and other whole grains.
  • Key Features

    • 100% organic Indian superfoods.
    • Grandma inspired recipes.
    • Does not contain hydrogenated fats.
    • Made from purified cow ghee.
    • Zero added white sugar and refined flour.
    • 100% vegetarian product, contains no egg.
    • No artificial flavors and preservatives.
    • Contains natural sweeteners like jaggery.
    • Minimal processing.
    • Easy to chew with a soft texture.
  • FAQ

    1. Does it contain salt?

      It does contain salt, since it is to be consumed by kids above 1 year.

    2. Does it contain sugar?

      No, it does not contain sugar.

    3. What is the age limit for this product?

      The product is to be consumed by children above 1 year.

    4. Is this product healthy?

      Yes, this product is healthy as it is baked, not fried.

    5. What is the weight of the product?

      The weight of this product is 35 grams.

    6. How long does this product stay edible?

      You must consume this product on the same day when the pack is opened.

    7. How many times can my baby eat this?

      Your baby can eat this at any time.

    8. Can my baby eat this every day?

      Yes, your baby can eat this every day.