Some years back, our co-founder Shruti, a new mommy, was in your place wondering what to feed her baby. While exploring products, she thought - Is it safe? Will it provide the desired nutrition? Will it help in my child’s growth? Much to her disappointment, she found most of the products in the market contained weird ingredients to add flavors or colour to increase their shelf life.

With no option left, Shruti turned to her GrandMa and Mother for help. They introduced her to a world of grains and millet recipes that contain superfoods like jaggery, pure cow ghee, ragi, barley, and multi-grains. She was finally satisfied as a mom that her baby was getting the nutrition required. Later, she spread the magic of her homemade recipes among friends and family. She was thrilled to see the satisfied smiles of fellow mommies. And that’s when she thought - Why not help others as well?

Founded in 2018 by Shruti Tibrewal, Bharat Tibrewal, and Chirag Gupta, Bebe Burp maintains that “We are the best team to solve the dietary needs of your little ones.” Chirag Gupta has proved to be an expert in Operations and Logistics. Shruti Tibrewal, a PGDBA, handles production and vendor management. Bharat Tibrewal is a serial entrepreneur who manages operations and sales at Bebe Burp.

After all, your baby deserves nothing but the best!


Today, Bebe Burp is a Baby Food Certified Company that has delivered smiles across 80000 moms and counting. Our range of products includes Instant Mixes, Cookies, and Snacks that are a perfect blend of tradition and are homemade, and have the traditional touch and expertise of grandmas.

Why We Created Bebe Burp?

When we noticed the lack of safe baby food options in the market, we decided to introduce healthy alternatives. Being a mother herself, Shruti understood the struggle of fellow mothers. She was determined to help them out in the best possible way, and that’s how Bebe Burp was born.

At Bebe Burp, we prepare the mixes using grandma's secret recipes that have the goodness of natural ingredients.It is crucial to provide the right balance of nourishment to the kids during their growth stage.

Our products are boon, especially for mothers who work round the clock to maintain their families and work. It saves the time and effort that would go into making home-cooked food for the baby.

  • Chirag Gupta

    “33 percent of the Indian population comprises Millennials. With changing times, millennial parents are more likely to have dual-income households. Also, with the recent shift towards natural products for consumption, they care more about knowing what goes in their baby food. With that thought, they are open to trying different products that will provide their kids the desired nourishment and save them some time by not having to prepare baby food every day.”

  • Shruti Tibrewal

    “I created Bebe Burp because I wanted to give my child the goodness of traditional Indian recipes. And I wanted to make it convenient for mothers like me to feed their babies the magic recipes of our grandmothers. All our products are made of natural ingredients and are absolutely safe for your child. As they are for mine too.”

  • Bharat Tibrewal

    “We understand the struggle mothers face when selecting baby food for their toddlers. The need of the hour was to bring preservative-free homemade recipes that our grandmas used to prepare. Those recipes contained the right balance of ingredients to provide nourishment in the growth years of the baby. We aim to deliver the same goodness with our expertise to mothers who want the best for their kids. Bebe Burp is their go-to choice.”

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