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BebeBurp Healthy Cookies
filled with daily nutrients and no junk

Just 2 Cookies have nutrients of 1 Roti, that gives body & brain Nutrition, stronger bones and gut health.
  • Zero Sugar & Zero harmful ingredients like maida, palm oil.
  • Helps in stronger body and gut health
  • Delicious taste that your child love
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1 Lakh+ Kids loved our cookies.

Bebe Burp Cookies are super yummy that not only my kid, my whole family eats it! The taste is amazing and I love the flavours they offer.

Himani Arora

A mother of 1

Customer of Bebe Burp since 4 years!

Bebe burp Cookies are just Amazinggggg!!!Liked the taste of these cookies.I ordered them for my 1 year old baby. Good option of snacking and munching.

Shailja Dubal

A mother of 3

Customer of Bebe Burp since 6 months!

Product package is good and taste was awesome and baby loves to eat and healthy food for toddlers...😍

N Mounika

A mother of 3

Customer of Bebe Burp since 2 years!

Its good and healthy as they mentioned, its sugar free and maida free. Good way to alter maida from Baby's snack

Anjali Arora

A mother of 2

Customer of Bebe Burp since 3 years!

100% Millet made

All our products are crafted exclusively from 100% millet

Grandma’s traditional recipes

Traditional recipes passed down from grandma

No preservatives

Pure Goodness, No Preservatives Added

100% Natural

100% Natural Goodness in Every Bite

Trusted by Mothers

1 Lakh+ Moms Nationwide Trust Us!

I want these Healthy Cookies for My kid!

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5 Reasons why parents love BebeBurp Cookies

Clean and effective ingredients!

Only clean and healthy Ingredients. Packed with Cow ghee, Whole food, fruits that gives steady vitamins!

Zero added sugar or gummy junk

The cookies or biscuits we usually get in the market are filled with harmful ingredients like: Maida, Palm Oil and artificial preservatives!
Bebe Burp does things differently. Our kids' cookies are naturally sweetened with jaggery instead.

100% Ayurveda & Backed by science

Bebe Burp Cookies are formulated by top pediatricians, nutritionists, and parents who wanted a cleaner alternative to junk snacks in the market.

Encourages positive health habits

Our packaging is so cute and cookies so tasty that kids start loving healthy cookies that they actually look forward to taking the healthy cookies.

Delivered fresh at your doorstep

We create the cookies in fresh batches every month and don't stock it up so you always get fresh cookies.

Let’s teach our kids about a healthier life style!

Customer Stories

Our Story


In 2018, our co-founder Shruti, a new mommy, was in your place wondering what to feed her baby.

While exploring products, much to her disappointment, she found most of the products in the market contained weird ingredients to add flavours or colour to increase their shelf life, plus so much Maida and Palm Oil!

Then, Shruti turned to her grandma and mother for help. They introduced her to a world of grains and millet recipes that contain superfoods like Jaggery, Pure Cow Ghee, Ragi, Barley, and Multi-grains. She was finally satisfied as a mom that her baby was getting the nutrition required.

Later, she spread the magic of her homemade recipes among friends and family. She was thrilled to see the satisfied smiles of fellow mommies. and that’s when she thought - why not help others as well?


Today, Bebe Burp is a baby food certified company that has delivered smiles across 1 Lakh+ moms and counting.

Our range of products includes:

  1. Instant Porridge Mixes
  2. Cookies
  3. Puffs
  4. Milk Mix
  5. Natural Sweeteners

These products are a perfect blend of tradition, are homemade, and have the traditional touch, love and expertise of grandmas!

Our products are boon, especially for mothers who work round the clock to maintain their families and work. It saves the time and effort that would go into making home-cooked food for the baby.

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Common Questions

These healthy Millet cookies are for little ones who can chew well. When your little ones have 4-6 teeth, its a great snack to start to support their ability to eat independently as finger foods.Otherwise, who says cookies are only for kids! These sugar free biscuits & no maida are for everyone, kids, parents & grandparents.Enjoy your snack time together
Whole Millet Flour, Ragi Flour, Multigrain Flour, Cardamom seeds, Oats, raisins, Cow Ghee, Jaggery. We use the best quality ingredients to make our cookies as the kids and moms deserve nothing but the best.
Millets are a great source of fibre & minerals like Calcium, Iron & Vitamin B. These Ragi biscuits are baked with cow ghee, Bebe Burp snackcookies become a great source of food fats too and also making it great school snacks for kids. Good fats are important for kids not just to support weight gain, but also to help in brain development
Make these no maida cookies your child's partner after playtime, story time, or even study time, just hand them over a few cookies when they are hungry you can also pack them for school tiffins and of course carry them to your office lunch box too! It's for everyone!
Any toddler above 8 months of age can eat these cookies.
Yes, Bebe Burp products are recommended by paediatricians.
There are 22 to 24 cookies in each packet.
Best before 6 months of manufacturing, consume within 1 month of opening the pack. Store in glass jar containers.
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