About US

Welcome to the world of Bèbè Burp. A growing initiative started by passion fueled individuals who wants to deliver only the best when it comes to the dietary needs of the little ones. 

We understand the daily struggle one goes through to feed our infants the right food with age appropriate nutrition content as well as taste. We also understand one cannot apply trial and error method with our little ones and therefore Bèbè Burp assures certified food products that is not only preservative free but organic and natural too. Since the start of this journey, we wanted to understand how we can develop something healthy as well as tasty without adding anything unnatural and we constantly strive to do the same. All our products are rich in nutrients and taste exemplary.

Bèbè Burp vows to be at every step to ensure your child’s healthy growth. Each product has an in depth description of ingredients, usage and suitable age for you to make a well informed decision.

Our products ranging from Instant Mixes, to Cookies and Snacks are of superior quality with no compromise in taste whatsoever. We believe in the fundamentals of organic food and how it’s proven itself to be healthy over the conventional and traditional products. Mothers to be also need to gear up and prepare for a beautiful phase of their life and our range of nutritious snacks is a game changer that keeps both the mother and the baby healthy.

With an array of nutritious options, Bèbè Burp is a platform for anyone who’s looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle irrespective of their age.


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