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Traditional Baby Food Recipe Is Better Than Baby Food Lying On The Shelf Today

As new parents, it is tough to figure out the best solid food to feed your baby. Wholesome nutrition is vital for a baby’s overall growth, especially when they learn to walk or are in crucialstages of brain development.

There has been a lot of conversation about whether traditional baby food is better or the shelf stored baby products. It is safe to say that organic products are a better alternative. Several dieticians support this because organic products limit the child’s exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides in the early stages.


Here’s a list of reasons why you should prefer traditional organic foods:

1. No pesticides - To protect their crops from various pests, farmers spray pestricids that are left behind as residue in the food crop. These fertilizers are harmful for the human body and do not hold a place at your dinner table. No parent would want to feed their child harmful chemicals in their crucial growth stages. They have developing brain and immune system that requires wholesome nutrition.

2. Safe ingredients - Organic products use clean and natural raw materials for their mixes. The shelf products contain artificial added flavours, colors and even add preservatives. These substances have zero nutritional value and do not provide any benefits to the baby. Organic products are a blend of ingredients found in our kitchen, and provide essential nutrients along with amazing taste.

3. Allergen-aware - Sometimes, kids are allergic to specific food items such as nuts, fruits, soy, etc. that may trigger an allergic reaction in their body. It is tough to keep a note of the ingredients in the shelf products. Whereas, organic products are concerned about allergies and avoid substances that may cause harm to the baby.

4. Taste Better - Although shelf products have added flavours that may add to the taste,natural flavours are much better. Several people mention that organic vegetables and fruits tend to taste better. Organic food products provide a much better taste with blend of millets and cereals with super foods like jaggery and ghee. The natural taste combined with wholesome nutrition sounds the best for a growing child.

5. Free from Hormones and Antibiotics - Some non-vegetarian families feed their kids with meat. To boost production, farmers give their livestock hormonal injections and even antibiotics. This gets stored in their body and when you eat the meat, you consume these harmful chemicals. Organic meat are healthier alternatives.

6. Organic Is Sustainable - Organic products are not only good for your baby’s health, but it is also good for environment. Pesticides pollute the soil and the groundwater causing havoc for humans. Using sustainable practices of farming are better for you and environment.

Final Word

Organic products pave the way for a healthy lifestyle and growth of the toddlers. The reduced exposure to toxins would pave the way for a healthy future for your child and also provide the nutritional requirements that your child needs.

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