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Stage 2 Baby Food – What are They & When to Begin : Bebe Burp

Your baby’s first 12 months are completely filled with adorable milestones, from learning how to sit up and crawl to growing real little teeth and experiencing various textures and flavours of real foods for the first time! One such exciting milestone is the transition between simple stage 1 purees into amazing combinations and complex textures of stage 2 foods. Once your baby has mastered slurping down soups and smooth purees, then this is the perfect time to switch to stage 2 foods!

What Is Stage 2 Baby Food?

The stage 2 foods you find in the stores are mostly combinations of two or more food items, like sweet potato and chicken dinner, but it is important to know that this stage is mostly about the consistency of food.

While baby foods in stage 1 are completely pureed, stage 2 foods have a thicker consistency and more texture. This slow transition from smooth purees to thicker solids is to get the babies to get used to chewing foods and swallowing.

Every baby develops at a unique pace, so check with your baby’s doctor before you start giving any foods during the first year.

Right Age for an Infant to Start Stage 2 Foods

There is never a right stage 2 baby food age for an infant. It varies from infant to infant, depending on when they started eating their stage 1 food. Generally, stage 1 foods are given to babies when they are between 4 to 6 months old. Considering how long and how well your baby is taking these foods, you would understand when he is ready to switch to stage 2 food items. Babies are usually ready to start with stage 2 foods between 6 and 8 months old, but before you start making the leap, it is necessary to make sure the baby has good stage 1 skills.

Once your baby is doing well with solids in stage 1 and has tried different food in the stage 1 category, it would be safe to go into the next stage. These foods usually have multiple ingredients, in a thicker consistency, along with a few spices.

How to Know Your Child Is Ready for This Stage?

The change from stage 1 to stage 2 is based on the individual development of the baby. There is no certain stage 2 age since every baby has his own unique timeline. Therefore, it is better to think of this transition as a normal continuation of the food journey of the baby, and your baby would switch from trying solid food during stage 1 to exploring all the flavours in combinations of purees in stage 2.

Stage 1 includes introducing solid food, and it is usually between 4 and 6 months depending on when the babies are showing these sign:

Though the formula or breast milk provides the baby with enough nutrition, foods from stage 1 are important for getting the child used to textures, flavours, and sensations of food. The stage will also help identify sensitivities and allergies.

Stage 2 is usually experimenting with textures. After several months of having single-ingredient purees in stage 1, your baby will begin expressing readiness for the next stage, and he would want more types of foods with thicker textures and larger portions. You could watch out for these signs in your baby in order to start stage 2 foods:

  • Completing a single-ingredient puree and wanting to have more.
  • Being able to completely swallow foods from stage 1 without thrusting it with the tongue immediately back out.
  • No symptoms or signs of intolerance or allergies to any of the foods in stage 1.
  • Having tried different fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes purees in stage 1.

Many babies start stage 2 foods in about 8 months, but you do not have to stress over the exact timeline.

While feeding, it is best if the baby is made to sit in a high chair. You will still be feeding the baby with a spoon, but if he wants to participate and use the utensils, then let him.

List of Foods That Are Ideal for Stage 2

Stage 2 would have foods of a thicker consistency than stage 1 foods, with a little more texture. These could be bought from stores or made at home. Here is a list of stage 2 baby food ideas you could feed your baby:

Even though the baby is getting used to new textures during stage 2, you must still avoid small pieces or chunks of foods that may cause serious risks. Though the food is thicker at this stage, it is still all about mashes and purees. They can be given any foods that have an appropriate texture for development, but it is important to stay away from foods that could cause choking like nuts, whole grapes, and seeds. Also, avoid giving the baby raw or cooked honey before the age of one.

The texture is not the only difference between stage 1 and stage 2 baby foods. Let’s take a look at some more differences between the stages.

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