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How To Take Care Of Infants During Monsoon

The pitter-patter of the first showers during monsoon brings relief from summer's hot and dry spells. It brings immense pleasure to you and your little one, but also many concerns.
Monsoon brings a plethora of dirt and germs that can make your little one sick. The health issues include dangerous ones like typhoid, diarrhea, fever, cold, cough, or even fever. The list demands you step up your baby care measures. In this article, we will disclose a few that will help you take care of your child.

How to take care of your child when indoors?

1. Follow basic hygiene methods: Bathe your child regularly using soap or baby wash made of natural ingredients. Use a gentle scrub to clean their body and wash away any dirt or germs that might linger on the body. Once done bathing, use a clean and dry towel to wipe the body. Also, you may use gentle moisturizers to keep up with your baby's skincare.

2. Keep mosquitoes away from your baby: Mosquito bites can cause painful swelling on your baby’s body. To keep them away, you can cover the cradle with a mosquito net to help your baby sleep peacefully. You can dress your baby in fully covered clothes to protect them from mosquito bites. Also, some good natural mosquito repellants are available in the market for babies that you can use for an added layer of protection.

3. Use clean cotton clothes: The weather is usually humid during rain; hence you must opt for cotton clothes for your child. You may use soft cotton blankets to cover your baby at night, so they may sleep peacefully. Clothes are generally damp during the monsoon; therefore, you must iron them to remove any remaining moisture in the clothes.

4. Do not make your child wear diapers the whole day: Diapers have undoubtedly made life easier for parents. However, allowing your baby’s skin to breathe is advisable during monsoons. Change the diapers regularly to avoid any rashes. It is best if you restrict usage of diapers to outdoors only.

5. Prepare fresh food: You must prepare fresh food to feed your baby. With so many germs and bacteria in the air, you must avoid keeping the prepared food out in the open.

How to take care of your child when outdoors?

1. Avoid crowded areas: Air-borne infections are present during the monsoons. Many people get infected with them and might be present in crowded areas. Therefore, you must protect your baby by keeping them away from highly populated marketplaces, malls, restaurants, etc.

2. Do not venture into dirty areas: Puddles and water clogging is common during monsoons. Mosquitoes and other insects thrive in such places. Thus, you must avoid taking your baby to such areas to prevent insect bites and diseases.

3. Carry a sanitiser: You must carry a sanitiser to maintain health and hygiene
practices. Using sanitiser will keep your baby away from germs and prevent them from falling sick. If not sanitiser, you must use anti-bacterial wipes to keep you and your baby free from germs.

4. Get your baby vaccinated: There are several flu booster shots that doctors advise to administer to your baby. These booster shots help keep food-borne, air-borne, and water-borne diseases away. Especially if your child has weak immunity, you must get them vaccinated during monsoon.


The safety of your baby is your utmost priority. Several occasions might need you to change your typical health and hygiene measures. Therefore, you must be prepared for the responsibility and follow these measures. Only if you and your baby remain healthy will you be able to enjoy the bliss of rain.

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