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Difference Between Stage 1 and Stage 2 Baby Foods

Since there is no set standard for labelling food products, baby food stages can be really confusing. Slightly different naming conventions are used by different brands, and they will most probably list different recommended age ranges on the product for each stage.

Other than specific naming or branding, the main difference between both these stages can be seen in the:

  • Ingredients: baby food belonging to stage 1 are mostly made from single ingredients, while stage 2 baby foods are made by blending two or even more ingredients together. They may still have vegetables and fruits as the primary ingredients while baby foods of stage 2 often include legumes, meat, and grains. Stage 2 would also include a few spices.
  • Texture: Stage 1 baby foods are usually very soupy and smoothly pureed to drip off the spoon, while foods belonging to stage 2 are soft but roughly blended, pureed, or strained. These foods would have a denser, thicker consistency, and would include soft chunks of the food that your baby can gum up before swallowing and not choke on it.

How Long Should This Stage Last?

Stage 2 typically lasts for 1-4 months, depending on when the baby has started it until they show signs that they are ready for stage 3. But, do not worry about the exact date since each baby has a unique journey. For most babies, the switch from stage 2 to stage 3 foods will occur when they are around 10 months of age.

A few of the signs to show their readiness for stage 3 is centred around your baby’s interest to eat on his own. That’s when you would notice the following:

  • Reaching for the spoon when you feed.
  • Pushing your hand away when you feed.
  • Playing with the bowls and plates while feeding.
  • Almost mastering the pincer grasp.
  • Showing better hand-eye coordination.

However, it is best not to worry about the exact timeline of your bay’s transition to stage 3 as the process is natural, and it varies from one infant to another.

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