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Best Disney Movies for Kids

Kids after the age of five seek something different in movies and Disney caters to this too. The below list of Disney movies will make sure your kids have a takeaway from them after every watch:

  1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame : 

Another classic to teach viewers to never judge someone on their appearance. Parents will definitely teach this to kids by the movie. It also re instils the belief that there is a hero in all of us.

  1. Mulan : 

The main protagonist is a Disney princess who does not care about sparkly ball gowns and dreaming about Prince Charming. Instead, Mulan is a strong-willed, brave and true fighter in body and spirit. It challenges gender stereotypes and does not categories girls and boys. It also makes kids believe that everyone is the same irrespective of colour or origin.

  1. Mary Poppins :

A great Disney movie for 6-year-olds, Mary Poppins is a classic musical about a nanny with supernatural powers. With some rollicking and chaotic twists, the characters walk through the film and learn all about life through music and fun. The nanny celebrates family and fun and also teaches kids discipline and routine.

  1. Ralph Breaks the Internet :

A sequel to the movie “Wreck-it Ralph”, Ralph and Venellope are now friends. They discover a new Wi-Fi arcade that leads them to a new adventure over the internet to repair the game and save everyone. The movie is a colourful and clever sequel that tackles the complexity of the online world.

  1. Hercules 

The movie brings Greek mythology to life. Baby Hercules, son of Zera and Hera, is taken away by Hades and bought to earth to live among mortals. Hercules needs to prove his worth on Earth to show that it is worth living among the Gods on Mount Olympus. With help from Philocetes his friend, Hercules gains strength to defeat evil creatures on his way.

  1. The Incredibles :

The movie is all about a family of undercover superheroes trying to live the quiet suburban life and are forced to save the world. Two super parents come out of retirement but, eventually, their superhero kids in-training end up rescuing them. It stresses on living together as a family and getting together to solve problems and confront them

Disney has made so many movies that it is impossible to list all that is a great watch for families and kids. No matter what, Disney has always made movies that are instantly likeable with relatable characters and strong messages. Whether it is books made into films or scripts that have been animated, Disney classics have always been chartbusters and broken records.

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