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A moment of pride for the entire Bebe Burp Team, our Co-Founders presenting their pitch in front of Sharks. - BebeBurp

A moment of pride for the entire Bebe Burp Team, our Co-Founders presenting their pitch in front of Sharks.

Jan 18, 2023

Remember the crazy fanfare around Shark Tank 1? India’s first business reality show that featured entrepreneurs who pitched their business ideas to the five sharks. The sharks were self made billionaires who were the judges of the show.

We were honoured to be included in the top 192 finalists, and we had the experience of our lifetime where we pitched our business Bebe Burp to the Sharks. Even though our pitch didn’t feature on-air, the Sharks had loved our brand and our ambitions and goals. We didn’t bag the investment, but we sure learnt a lot!

Our Shark Tank experience taught us a lot of lessons, including having a clear vision for our brand. A brand’s story is the most important selling point and the link that connects with their customers. Another key lesson learnt was the importance of managing the business and being cost efficient. Not to mention, we also learnt the importance of being an opportunist.

Keeping all that in mind, we’re happy to share with you all that Shark Tank Season 2 is on its way, and we’ve been invited to re-apply and pitch our idea to the sharks. As mentioned above, we, being opportunists, are going to grab this opportunity to scale Bebe Burp to new heights.

Our business foundation is as strong as ever, and our morales ride high. We created Bebe Burp for parents who want to provide safe and homemade baby food to their toddlers. Our wide range of products include porridges, cookies and puffs. Afterall, “ye humari expertise hai”!!

Our pitch to the sharks will be more confident and we plan to present our newly envisioned business development strategy, product development, and new business opportunities. Our pitch will be smarter, better and sharper because after all “Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai.”

We aim to hit the ground running at the second opportunity provided to us, and hope to achieve success and make new memories!

Let’s get the show on the road! #SharkTank2