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14 Month Old Baby Feeding Schedule, Recipes and Tips : Bebe Burp

Wow! Your little bundle of joy is already 14 months old! It’s an absolute delight to watch your baby take little baby steps around the house. We’re sure you agree that at this age a baby may be quite a handful with his increasing urge to explore everything around him. Well, that’s not a surprise because your baby is mastering new skills and is also growing rapidly, which means extra care may be required for his nutrition and diet. If you are wondering what your baby should be eating at this stage, we have this and more information on the topic right here for you! Read on!

What to Feed a 14-Month-Old

A couple of months after your baby’s first birthday, he may still be making up his mind about what he likes or dislikes regarding food. However, as parents, you should keep introducing a variety of food items to your baby. Here are some 14 month old baby food ideas that you can try for your baby:

1. Fruits/Vegetables

Here are some fruits and vegetables that you can feed your 14-month-old baby:

2. Non-Vegetarian

Here are some non-vegetarian food options for your 14-month-old baby:

3. Other Food Items

Some other food items that can be included in your baby’s diet include some of the following options:

How Much Should a 14-Month-Old Eat?

At 14 months of age, your baby should consume approximately three main meals and two snacks in a day. On average, some 40 calories per inch of your baby’s height is an average amount of calories that your baby should be consuming. The calories should come from fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and protein for optimal growth and development. Calcium is one of the essential nutrients for your baby and, thus, milk should be an important part of the baby’s diet. Choose whole milk for your baby and if you are wondering how much whole milk should be given in a day, well, do not feed more than 16 to 24 ounces of whole milk to avoid any kind of iron deficiencies.

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