Choco Multigrain Cookies 150 Gms Each (2 Pack)

Rs. 398.00

Key Features 

  • Made from 100% sustainably sourced ancient Indian superfoods.
  • No hydrogenated fats, made from purified cow ghee.
  • No added white sugar and egg.
  • 100% vegetarian product with no added preservatives.
  • No artificial flavor: Made from naturally occurring sweeteners like jaggery.
  • Grandma inspired recipes, simple, healthy with minimal processing.
  • No refined flour, easy to chew with a soft texture.

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  • Benefits

    1. It is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fibers.
    2. Source of calcium and phosphorous that aids in bone development.
    3. Rich in iron that maintains hemoglobin.
    4. High source of energy and nutrition for all round development.
  • Key Features

    • 100% organic Indian superfoods.
    • Grandma inspired recipes.
    • Does not contain hydrogenated fats.
    • Made from purified cow ghee.
    • Zero added white sugar and refined flour.
    • 100% vegetarian product, contains no egg.
    • No artificial flavors and preservatives.
    • Contains natural sweeteners like jaggery.
    • Minimal processing.
    • Easy to chew with a soft texture.